Big Change for Planet Geospatial

I’ve made a pretty big change over on Planet Geospatial, but not one I’ve been talking about (I still need to buckle down and get mxTidy installed to fix that). Rather than full text RSS feeds, Planet Geospatial now only shows excerpts from the feeds, irrespective if the site offers full text or no. Both RSS feeds also only offer excerpts, rather than full text.

I did this for two reasons. First I think if you enjoy an article, you should “click through” and view the article, rather than just read it on the front page of Planet Geospatial. Nothing has changed, other than only the first 500 characters on each post is now displayed. The RSS Feeds also only offer the first 500 characters, but as with the website, you just have to click on the title to view the whole post. Second the page was getting way to long. Many of the posts were pages of code, which might be enjoyable to some programmers, but I think it got in the way of readability for the page.

My to-do list still includes integrating mxTidy and I’ll try and get that done soon, but the page already looks much better than before.

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