Bizarre ArcSDE Error

I’ve been building a Mosaic inside SDE from over 300 individual rasters which of course takes some time. When I came in this morning I saw that ArcCatalog had crashed (no surprise) while running the Mosaic command. I kinda figured it was just trying to do too much at one time so I went ahead and decided to add the rasters in batches. Well when I ran the first batch ArcCatalog threw this error:

Underlying DBMS error[ORA-00001: unique constraint (LAKEHURST.SDE_BLK_57_UK) violated]

A quick search on ESRI’s support site came up with this Technical Article; Error: Underlying DBMS error

“This error occurs when the sequence that generates new values for the ID column of SDE.GDB_OBJECTCLASSES becomes out of sync with the values already in that column. This situation does not occur under normal circumstances, but possible causes include improper use of the Oracle import function, an Oracle shutdown during an ArcGIS transaction, or manual manipulation of the ArcSDE metadata tables.”

The solution in the article worked and we are back in business, but none of the causes listed by ESRI happened. Guess they should append “ArcCatalog crashes” to then end. Still it feels kind of sloppy to manually edit SDE tables like this, but what else can you do?

The Mosaic command actually working....

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