Brian Goldin Has Some Ideas to Get Started on ArcWeb

Link – Public ArcWeb Services is HUGE

This is HUGE opportunity for developers and something that probably hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Now you’ll be able to add some great services to your app and guess what you won’t have to worry about us slapping ads in there and later if you want to leverage some of more advanced capabilities you’re good to go. To make this a slam dunk it’ll have to be super easy to sign-up just like it is already for the eval. Now let’s start building some mashups with ArcWeb just like we’ve got with google.

As I said earlier today, I was quite surprised that no one clapped over the ArcWeb Services announcement. Well I for one will start trying to get some cool mashups with ArcWeb services.

I’m not sure if anyone at ESRI has thought about this, but releasing this for free is sure to help improve ArcWeb Services. How about adding an area at EDN for people to upload their code much like This would allow people to take collaborate on coding some really neat projects. The ArcScripts site needs to be updated. It was great for Avenue scripts, but not for posting code from today’s applications. Also, how about clearing out those “evaluation” products such at XTools Pro, everything on that site should be free and open and shouldn’t require people to pay for part of the product. I don’t think that was why ArcScripts what created in the first place. There should be a place on ESRI’s site to download such products, but it should be separate from the free and open scripts and code.

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