Business Week on Google Earth

Link: Google’s Magic Carpet Ride (dead link)

“Too many products, too little time is the story of my working life. So it’s not often that I play with a product for a few hours in the office, then take it home and spend another hour or so showing it off. But that’s what happened with Google Earth. I’m not quite sure yet what this satellite imaging program is good for or how it will make money, but it sure is fun.”

An interesting take on Google Earth from someone who isn’t either a programmer or a GIS professional. As he says, “ it and take an advance tour of this summer’s vacation trip or check out your childhood neighborhood. You’ll likely find it addictive.” which leads me to believe that we’ll see more information (ads) for businesses in Google Earth in the future. Could Google Earth be the next version of Yellow Pages? Imagine the 3D models of buildings colored because certain companies paid for inclusion. Interesting thoughts…

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