But we don’t live there

acura_logo.jpgThe family took a Sunday drive over to the “west side” of Phoenix to look at some artwork that the wife was really interesting in buying. Of course it was in a new area of town that her Acura DVD navigation didn’t have yet. When we got home I logged on to Acura’s website to see if there was an update to our navigation DVD. Of course there was and when I notified Nicky that she could get an updated version she seemed confused. I explained that she had an older version of the navigation DVD and all we had to do is shell out a couple hundred dollars for the new DVD and the world would be happy. She responded that she didn’t care. Flabbergasted I asked how can she drive with an out of date navigation DVD. Her reply? “Because we don’t live there, and our side of town is up to date”.

How can she live knowing her navigation DVD is out of date!?!?!?!?! Sigh, better not fight on this one as it isn’t even my car. (plus she keeps making fun of me for this weekend anyway).

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