Buying Imagery

In the old days there was only a couple places one could get aerial imagery and it was pretty simple. You’d ask if they had coverage of an area and they tell you no and how much it would cost to get an airplane up in the air and fly it. These days there are thousands of resellers of imagery and one can almost get lost trying to figure out which is best.

At least I have what I want and it is going to work out well but maybe I miss the days of just calling a contact and getting the information. The Internet just makes this process too complicated for me because I already know what I want and the wizard based ordering is a hassle. Next time I’m calling rather than deal with an Internet server. Heck, where did all those wonderful Landiscor photo books run off too. I guess they are just too expensive to carry anymore, though I bet I could walk over to Arizona State and take a peak at some. 🙂

Update: Thanks to David Guidera over at Aerials Express for taking care of me.

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