Calling All Terrain Model Experts!

The Army Corps of Engineers is in need of some help. They are looking for any models that will make their terrain analysis process easier.

As some of you know, I’ve recently gotten this job working for CTIS (Combat Terrain Information Systems) to test and integrate all of the latest and greatest COTS software into the DTSS (Digital Topographic Support System) systems. In doing so, I’m working to put as many tools into the newest build of the DTSS as possible. I wanted to email you all and see if any of you have “tried and true” ESRI ArcGIS models or XML files created or acquired that CTIS could integrate into the DTSS system. I know there are a lot of “hundred pound brains” out there that have created models and are using them in their units with much success. It is our, CTIS, desire to evaluate what you have created so we can possibly integrate them into the DTSS system for all analysts to use.

We’re looking for any type of models that will make the terrain analysis process easier; models for LOS, HLZ, LOC, MCOO, COO etc… If someone has something created they are using successfully, please let me know.

Please keep in mind that this process takes time and CTIS is trying its best to get the tools needed out to the soldiers on the ground. These models, once received will be tested and integrated into the newest build of DTSS/GS systems. The sooner we get them from you, the sooner I can start the process of integrating them.

Thanks in advance for anything you may be able to send to me. You have an opportunity to make the DTSS system a better tool we can feel confident is making the job easier than before. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Rather than inundate the Corps with email, just post any suggestions here. They will be paying attention. I’m almost all packed up and we have found and bought a house so I might finally have time to fix Planet GS once and for all (and with no PHP!).

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