CarbonArc Lite is now free

Jeff Harrison of The Carbon Project emailed me and some other folks that CarbonArc Lite is now free. CarbonArc Lite used to cost $495 per seat so this is major shift for The Carbon Project. Simply put, you can use CarbonArc Lite to connect to WMS and WFS services using ArcMap as well as work with GML. All you “executive types” can refer to the pretty brochure to learn more.

Your mileage may very as I was unable to get it to install. I’ll revisit it next week when I have more time to figure out what is going on. Looks like I can’t read the fine print. This version of CarbonArc Lite is only for ArcGIS 9.1 and I’m running 9.2. This won’t be a problem for long because Jeff tells me that a version for 9.2 should arrive in the next few months.

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