HWJF 02: Bill Dollins and Career Changes

So we’ve got another weekly edition of HWJF. Bill Dollins joined me to talk about his transition to Spatial Networks and away from Fed GIS work (just like me). We also go into the state of GIS conferences, hiring GIS specialists (if there is even a thing anymore) and GIS as a database.

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Next week Brian Timoney joins so stay tuned.

HWJF 01: Ian White and Where are they now?

Well Hangouts with James Fee is back in Podcast form. As is typical, Ian White is my first guest and we get into many things from his transition from Urban Mapping to the business of spatial and a new segment called “Where are they now?” where we remember all those leaders who have moved on to new jobs in 2017. You can listen below or subscribe in iTunes or Google Play. I hope you enjoy the new format and if you have any suggestions please email me.

Next week Bill Dollins joins so stay tuned.

Hangouts with James Fee – the Podcast

I’ve had many a Google Hangout in the past and we’ve had a great time putting them together. Google Hangouts are fun but they are hard to listen to while commuting, working out or just resting at night. I’ve thought about a podcast many times before but never until now have I put things in motion.

Starting next week, I will record my first Hangouts with James Fee podcast with Ian White. We’ll follow that with Steve Pousty and Bill Dollins. I’ll post here more when I have the podcast feed available and links to iTunes and Google Play. My hope is if everything goes well that we’ll have our first podcast linked up by the 29th of March. Stay tuned!

Hangouts with James Fee Season 4 is Arriving Soon. I Need Your Help!

Since I’ve decided to break Hangouts with James Fee into Spring and Fall “seasons”1 the summer has been left to swimming and vacations.  But with Fall around the corner2 it’s time to get serious about scheduling the next batch of hangouts.  I asked for feedback from people last season and it was a great help.  For the fall though I’d love to interview people who haven’t been on the show before or are not as well-known.  If you can email me with suggestions (heck include yourself if you want) I’d really appreciate it.  My favorite Hangout from last spring was with Lyzi Diamond and I’d love to have more like that.

  1. Sounds official doesn’t it? 

  2. Temps in Tempe have dropped back down below 110F