Changes on MSDN Support Pages

We’ve been talking much about ESRI and their support over the past few days and most people seem to like the layout and organization of MSDN. We’ll MSDN has announced they are now previewing a beta MSDN homepage. There really isn’t too much new I can tell for U.S. customers, but it seems you can now customize it for your own local which should make those in other countries happy.

The big news as I see it is the new My MSDN which allows you to personalized content such as news, events, webcasts and other MSDN features. You pick the topics you are interested in such as ASP.NET, C#, SQL, etc and the page generates based on those choices. Now that would be a great feature for ESRI, I know they used to have that MyESRI page back with the old 8.x releases, should be easy to recycle that url into something interesting such as this.

My MSDN Screen Capture

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