Christian Spanring Transforms KML to GML

Link – Styling KML to GML

So I extended my begun KML to CSV XSL stylesheet to take over Google Earth KMLs in a more convenient way. With the help of this XSL stylesheet you can transform a KML to a GML file.

Christian is really working hard on finding ways to get KML into ArcGIS and he may have hit on the best way right now. Because KML and GML are both XML, “converting” from one to another is pretty strait forward. Christian also notes that once in GML, it is really easy to either use GML inside your GIS applications or with ArcGIS you’ll either need the Data Interoperability Extension or convert using GDAL. There has been a huge focus on getting ArcGIS maps into Google Earth, but I’m beginning to see the value of getting a KML file converted to shapefile or at least GML.

I’ll make my weekly plea for the Data Interoperability Extension (or at least a subset) to be included with ArcGIS 9.2 so every user from ArcView to ArcInfo can interact with GML.

Update – Matt Perry has posted a bash script to automate this process of KML into Shapefile.

Update 2 – URL updated

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