Coming up for air

I’ve been so busy working on a 3D modeling job for the Navy that I haven’t had a second to blog. I’m usually pretty good about posting fast (if you can’t figured out, I can type faster than I can think), but these last few weeks have been tough.

I’ve been thinking about how to bring FeatureServer into workflows that require ArcGIS. Because ESRI refuses to support KML or GML complex GML out of the box, I need to think about how best to get datasets into ArcMap in a way that users can interact with it. No easy task given the requirements on my desk. We are trying to get as lightweight on the server side as we can given the budget constraints some of our clients are facing these days. FeatureServer + OpenLayers just fits that bill nicely.

I see Steve got the deCarta devZone up and running. If a banner ad with a magician can’t get people on the deCarta bandwagon, I’m not sure what can. Seriously though, if you saw the previous deCarta developer site, you can see they have something nice building there.

Well I’m sick from eating all my sons Halloween candy so I’m heading for bed. I’ve got to get some rest before fighting ArcScene and Google SketchUp tomorrow.


Oh, loneliness and leftover halloween candy are a dangerous mix.

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