Corporate Blogging – Doing it Right

Naked Conversations: Chapter 11-Doing it Right

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have posted some hints on corporate blogging. This is mostly a follow up to my post last week on ESRI Taking Control of the Conversation. I think everyone can admit that ESRI has made some poor decisions over the past few years (who can forget this one?), but taking an active roll in the blogging community can totally change

My favorite is “Demonstrate Passion”. If you truly love what you are blogging about, it will come through. Lets face it, there are few companies that are hated as much as Microsoft, but when you read their blogs you begin to understand what they are trying to do (right or wrong) and that is compelling to read. You might still not agree with what they are saying, but at least you can see why they make the decisions they do. The reason I called my other post “Taking Control of the Conversation” is that you need to be proactive in this blogging medium because if you don’t, you’ll end up with with this situation, which is painful for everyone involved.

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