Thoughts Geo Viewer — Lipstick on a pig?

So with great interest I read Marten’s blog post on the new “Geo Viewer”. Marten’s got a ton of reasons why its great and why it fails, but for me it didn’t work at all. I just get this FAIL message below:

I mean maybe I could figure out what went wrong, but since gives me no details about datasets I just move on.

Of course it could be one of the many problems Marten showcases, but I will say the “share this” works great. In all seriousness putting a “preview” map on isn’t going to change a thing about how worthless is for actually finding data. You can of course put your comment in the little box at and I’m sure they’ll forward it on to “top men”.

Of course this brings up a huge point with how big a failure has been. Just going to the “Ideas” page for, you are presented with a big middle finger.

What would I like to look like in July 2010? No really, I totally trust the government to do right by data. Nothing says that nobody from the crew looks at that Ideas page more than that simple statement. Rather, it is more of an exercise to make citizens feel part of the process, distracting them from actually doing something about it. Maybe it would be better to just go through ESRI to get things fixed.

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