Dave Bouwman on the ESRI Speaker Series Podcast

Looks like ESRI interviewed Dave Bouwman at the 2007 Developer Summit and has posted a Podcast of the discussion.

Listen to Bouwman discuss developing custom GIS solutions for forestry and describe some of the large projects he has worked on.

I’ll probably listen this weekend while I’m painting at the new house (no jokes about paint drying and listen to podcasts please).

Direct Link to MP3

On a side note, someone needs to fix the ESRI podcast directory. The current system is broken with so many podcasts and links buried behind weird javascript links. One should be able to link to the Dave Bouwman podcast permalink at rather than a direct link to the mp3. Where is the search, tags and comments?

Typical, typical site from ESRI. 🙁

**Update – **OK, I had to break down and listen. If you want to know more about what Dave is up to and hear him say SOC many times, you’ll want to jump in and listen.

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