Day 2 at the ESRI UC

I had quite a bit of business realated matters to get to today so I didn’t get much time to go to any sessions or walk the floor. I hope to get back on track tomorrow. Still Planet Geospatial has done a kick-ass job of keeping me up to date even though I’m standing right here.

I did learn a couple things about ArcGIS Server. First if you want to do geoprocessing, you’ll need at least an ArcGIS Server Standard license. This gives you all the GP functionality of ArcView. If you need more, then you’ll need to go to AGS Advanced. Basic has no GP at all. The licensing is a little confusing for some still, but there is a good slide going around explaining it all. I’ll see if I can track that down and post on it this week. Even though they are combining ArcGIS Server/ArcIMS/ArcSDE, you’ll still get individual disks for all and licenses for all so you can still install them in different locations.

As for PostgreSQL support for SDE, lets just say they are still quite a ways away and even then I’m pretty sure there will be no PostGIS involved.

I’m heading out to the Open Source GIS San Diego Gathering tonight so I hope to see some of you there.

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