Download OpenStreetMap Data from WeoGeo Market

Last Friday, in preparation for the State of the Map conference we released the OSM planet dataset on WeoGeo where you can download OSM Planet data in your favorite formats.

WeoGeo is pleased to announce that we have started to make OpenStreetMap (OSM) data available through the WeoGeo Market. With the OpenStreetMap Conference, State of the Map USA, approaching we decided to make an effort to make OpenStreetMap’s valuable, but often difficult to access data more easily available for download.
OpenStreetMap Planet

Now there are lots of ways to download OSM data on the web. Some of them are fun XML formats that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Some are in SHP format that while usable on many different platforms, are stuck with all the stupid limitations of DBF. Well we think we have a better way.

OSM data is on the WeoGeo Market and you can download it just how you do any WeoGeo dataset. Zoom to an area you want, define the area you wish to clip out. Re-project the data if you don’t like WGS84. Deliver it in one of many formats. We default to the FGDB because it gives us the flexibility to deliver the data without having to screw with field names or such. But you can also request the data in DWG, KML, GML (yea, who doesn’t want OSM data in GML), FFS (for use with Safe FME) and CSV (no spatial data obviously). We do plan to add SHP and TAB soon, but in a way that doesn’t cause too many compromises with the database.


Hey look, I’m extracting data using my initials! Now that’s professional GIS!

We’re building the tiles worldwide to support this so please check back often if the tileset isn’t complete in your neck of the world. We started with the Western USA and then moved east, so use that as a guide. We going to update this dataset monthly, but we might increase that depending on how things work out.

You can also select only the Map Features you are interested in. Today we have Amenities, Boundaries, Buildings, Places, and Highways with the rest arriving soon. This should make it much easier to use only the features you need, rather than having to parse them out after a download.


Don’t waste map features, use only the ones you need

We’re excited about having all the OSM data available and up to date on WeoGeo Market for free. I encourage you all to give it a shot and download what you need in the format you need. If you’ve got suggestions, we are all ears, just let us know what you think.

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