Download the Planet Geospatial Yahoo! Widget

I’m sure most of you by now know that the venerable Konfabulator is now called Yahoo! Widget Engine. I’ve posted about the Yahoo! Maps widget (my web mapping tool of choice) before, but I figured why not create a widget of my own (like I got nothing better to do than play with Javascript). Well I took a look at what widgets were out there and decided that a RSS widget would be both easy and possibly useful especially since I don’t think there are any Planet Geospatial widgets out there yet. _cough_

Anyway I hacked up a RSS Widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine that you can run on your desktop and stay up to date on all the Planet Geospatial updates without having to visit the website or even open up your RSS Aggregator. So if that interests you, download the widget below and if you don’t have Yahoo! Widget Engine yet, you’ll need to download and install that also.

Planet Geospatial RSS Widget

Planet Geospatial RSS Widget Download

Yahoo! Widget Engine Download

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