Email Subscription to Spatially Adjusted Now Available

While I can’t believe it, many people aren’t totally on the RSS bandwagon. I’ve gotten a couple emails from people wondering if there would ever be a weekly email summarizing the weeks news from me. I kind of thought about it (it wouldn’t be hard to do with Movable Type), but then I realized that the news wouldn’t be too timely as much can change in the course of a week. A couple weeks ago I started giving people the option to subscribe to individual entries so I wondered how hard it would be to allow people to subscribe to the whole site. It turns out it was much easier than I thought. Now right below the RSS feed button on the right sidebar, you’ll now see a place to subscribe to the site via email. Whenever I post a new entry, you’ll get an email right in your inbox right away with all the details. If you ever decide you don’t want the emails anymore, just click the unsubscribe button and you’ll be free.

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