ESRI ArcGIS Server licensing – Be ready to get out your checkbook

Dave Bouwman points out something that will probably make every ESRI Server developer cringe.

If you want to design a system the way you have it running today – you’re looking a 3 times the base pricing for server – this will get you ArcSDE running as a service on a separate DBMS (assuming 2 sockets) and the web ADF running on it’s own server (also 2 sockets).

I know we set up our installations this way and I’m sure most of you do to. The extra cost for SDE on a second server didn’t surprise me (I’m a little disappointed, but I guess it makes sense). The web ADF is a totally different story.

At this point it is very safe to say that ESRI has developed the most expensive web ADF in the history of the internet. I’d heard rumors about this, but I kept laughing them off because it just didn’t make any sense. We better not trash that old .NET 1.1 website framework we developed just yet.

I’m just at a loss for words right now.


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