ESRI Business Partner Conference Day 1

There really wasn’t that much going on yesterday other than a couple points Jack made on stage that will probably be built upon during the Dev Summit:

  1. Jack says Microsoft and Google are the key to collaborative GIS using ArcGIS Server as the back-end. The hope is ArcGIS will integrate with everything moving forward.
  2. ArcGIS 9.3 will be in everyone’s hands by June. That means that this will be a very sort beta period. Reading between the lines, this could mean that there are very few new features and this really will be a release that focuses on quality and documentation.
  3. As others mentioned at the FedUC, Jack talked about Open API support. Want to use OpenLayers with ArcGIS Server, no problem.
  4. The new Javascript API will increase production thousandfold. Now you can use the simple APIs to deploy quick and simple mapping websites and use the WebADF for the detailed heavy sites.
  5. Did you use AML with ArcPlot? 9.4 might add the ability to script map production.

Now there was much more, but we’ll leave that for the DevSummit where we’ll learn the details.

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