ESRI Developer Network 9.2 has arrived

Well I still haven’t received my ArcGIS Server production disks, but EDN 9.2 arrived this afternoon (it is on the right in the black binder).


As you can see it is much smaller and you can even take it on the road. The insets are still there, but smaller (sorry no pictures right now as the office cameras are all in the field). Everything is DVD just like the 9.2 release. Included disks are:

  • ArcView 9.2 (Single Use) – Media with no license
  • ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.2
  • ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit 9.2
  • ArcGIS Server Workgroup 9.2
  • ArcGIS Server Enterprise 9.2
  • ArcSDE 9.2
  • ArcIMS 9.2
  • ArcGIS 9.2 Help System for the Java Platform (huh?)
  • ArcIMS Gazetteer 9.2
  • ESRI Data & Maps (StreetMap USA, Global Imagery and Shaded Relief disks)

No sign of ArcGIS Explorer though and no mention of it anywhere. Also “The update for the UNIX platform will be shipped at a later date”.

**Update – **Maybe I misunderstood the EDN team at the UC, but it looks like ArcView 9.2 is not actually part of the EDN subscription.

ArcView is available as an option to your EDN Subscription for an additional fee. You may puchase the ArcView license at any time during your current subscription. Please contact customer service for more information.

OK that is news for me, but I may have overlooked it. In that case why not also offer Editor 9.2 as an option?

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