ESRI Developer Summit 2007 Day 1

Rob Elkins and Dave Bouwman have some great posts on the morning sessions. Rather than repeat what they’ve written I’ll point you in their direction.

  • Rob Elkins – 2nd Annual ESRI Developer Summit
  • Rob Elkins – ArcGIS Server takes the Stage (Author – Server – Use)
  • Rob Elkins – Plenary Session continues..
  • Rob Elkins – Online GIS
  • Dave Bouwman – Dev Summit: Plenary Session Notes
  • Steven Citron-Pousty – Plenary session

The notes that most of you will be interested in is what’s planned for 2007 with ArcGIS:

  • Maintain 9.2 (bug fixes, performance, documention, critical issues)
  • Enhance ArcGIS Server (OGC, enhance Web ADF)
  • Overhaul Desktop User Interface
  • Overhaul Core GIS components (Geodatabase, mapping and graphics, Geoprocessing)
  • Develope standard mobile application framework
  • Enhance ArcGIS Online

Beyond that the new stuff in 9.3 future releases will include:
ArcObjects Core:

  • new compiler, 64-bit executibles
  • simplified API (COM, .NET, Java)
  • improve install, update, license management
    Mapping and Graphics
  • map data model (Geodatabase)
  • new graphics engine (2D & 3D)
  • integrated metadata catalog
  • XML & 64-bit object ID fileds (SDE, File Geodatabase)
  • 3D information models
  • core framework performance and improvments
    ArcGIS Desktop
  • Integrated desktop user interface
    ArcGIS Server
  • Fast dymanic map (new graphics engine)
  • Improved Geoprocessing
  • Integrated catalog and search

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