ESRI DevSummit – The Gift that Keeps Giving

ArcGIS Code Challenge Winners Announced

Looks like Alper Dincer and Matthew Petre are the big winners. The mobile code challenge results are posted as well. I suppose they announce this after the DevSummit so the winners don’t have to buy everyone beer.

VBA and VB6 with ArcGIS: What’s the Story?

First off I bet you didn’t even know there was an ArcObjects blog. Second, please move off of VBA or VB6. Last year I said the writing was on the wall, this year the wall is falling down upon you. Python, Java or .NET;? take your pick and enjoy. There is nothing you can’t do with those choices and in fact gives you much more freedom.

Silverlight API

Vish is taking it for a spin and he’s reporting back on its use. Bookmark or subscribe to Vish.

Virtual Earth and ESRI ArcGIS

This seems to be getting a ton of play. One thing to remember folks, yes VE is free with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Explorer 900, but you need a valid license. If you download AGX 900 and don’t have a valid ArcGIS Desktop license, you won’t be seeing VE imagery. Yea that sucks for the world, but every ESRI user should buy Jack a drink at the UC in San Diego for paying for this.

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