ESRI GeoChat vs. Google Talk

How long before the Google Earth/Google Map people start talking about integration between those products and the new Google IM client? Too bad ESRI didn’t already have GeoChat up and running, then people could use it as an example, unfortunately we only have that one lone blog entry to show what it is capable of. Expect the press to focus on Google Talk over the next few weeks and how it will integrate into their products (oh and how ESRI missed the boat).

I wonder why ESRI picked the MSN client to run GeoChat on and not Jabber? You’d think an open protocol such as Jabber would be easier to work with than a “closed” protocol such as Messenger (disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m talking about).

UpdateGoogle Talk is now available. You can add me (my Gmail address is below my picture on the right side of the blog), but I’m sure my work blocks the Jabber port with our firewall. You can always add my MSN Messenger contact which is on my about page.

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