ESRI Podcast – 2008 Developer Summit — Building Mash-ups Using the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API

OK here is the other part of the ArcGIS Server 9.3 release that most of us will be interested in; the Javascript API. Jeremy Bartley and Jayant Sai talk a little about the Javascript API in their podcast. Much like the RESTful API Podcast, there isn’t much meat here, but at least you can get an overview of what the Javascript APIs will be. Remember from the RESTful API Podcast, there will be Javascript Extenters for Virtual Earth or Google Maps and ESRI own Javascript API. One thing that was refreshing to here ESRI say is that the general public isn’t interested in toolbars and all the heavy WebADF junk, but lightweight modern mapping sites. Could we be ready to turn the corner here with ArcGIS Server development?

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