ESRI Podcast – 2008 Developer Summit — Building .NET Applications Using the ArcGIS Server Web ADF and ASP .NET AJAX

I think most of those who have been involved with ArcGIS Server, the Developer Summit is really were we get detailed discussions. The podcast talks about what the session will be which is pretty much what Art has been saying for the past few years. More Microsoft AJAX, .NET and other MS web technology. You can listen to the podcast here. I have to laugh at how geeked up Art and Rex get when talking about the Web ADF, I can see them smiling as they talk about it.

Sexy Podcast
Dude, I’m rocking to the latest ESRI podcast!

BUT, where is the REST API info? I think many of us on the “Microsoft Platform” are interested in using our own solutions we’ve created in the past and the REST API should be the key to getting ArcGIS Server into our products. We’ll have to see what happens at 9.3, but after trying to develop using the Web ADF task framework I’m so turned off by it. Give me a simple REST API and I’ll be happy.

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