ESRI posts the Developer Summit Q&A

Care to take a look at the questions that attendees to the Dev Summit asked and ESRI answered? Some questions/answers of note:

Q: What are the plans for supporting the PostgreSQL database with ArcGIS Server (ArcSDE technology) and when will this functionality be available?

ArcGIS Server (ArcSDE technology) will support the PostgreSQL database at the ArcGIS 9.3 release. This will further enhance ESRI’s commitment to make its technology compatible and integrated with Open Source software technologies. The enterprise geodatabase and all of its standard capabilities will be fully supported. It will be OGC/ISO compliant and the PostGIS geometry type will be supported. In addition, ESRI will also provide its own spatial type for storing geometries in PostgreSQL.

Q: How many people are registered for the Developer Summit?

There are 1,131 people pre-registered with approximately two-thirds being first time attendees. This is a significant increase from last year’s attendance of 716 and points to the growing need to incorporate mapping and GIS functionality into custom applications. Last year’s attendance was greater than we anticipated, which resulted in many crowded session rooms. One of the improvements for this year is that we scheduled larger rooms. Although online registration is closed, onsite registration is available at the summit starting Monday, March 19, 2007.

OK not exactly deep questions and answers, but that is why there is a Developer Summit. Trust me, the hard questions will be asked and answered in Palm Springs next week. See you there.

No hard/fast questions asked here

**Update – **Dave Bouwman has some more analysis at his blog. I find it interesting that ColdFusion is battling Mac OS X support at the bottom of the Developer Technologies graph.

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