ESRI Prototype Lab releases GeoChat 2

Looks like Richie has been hard at work on the next release of GeoChat. You might remember it from about 6 months ago. I’ll give it a shot this week but until then these are some of the new features:

What’s new with GeoChat 2 for users?

  1. New user interface (see screenshots),
  2. Office-style alerts when new geochat messages arrive,
  3. Support for adding/removing/grouping jabber users,

What’s new in GeoChat 2 for developers?

  1. Full source code is included,
  2. Object model diagram provided for core chat assembly (ESRI.ArcGIS.Chat.dll)
  3. Migrated to .NET 2.0,
  4. Includes sample executable called “ChatSample”,
  5. Added new message type called “CustomMessage”. This allows developer to send any .NET serializable object.


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