ESRI Support Site Survey

While there is no truth to the rumor that no one at ESRI can go to the bathroom without a survey, the ESRI Support Team has a new survey out to see what improvements we want to the support site.

Where Would You Like To See the Support Center Improved?

We’ve been talking about improvements to the ESRI Support site since this blog started and some of the main points that have been hashed out here in posts and comments are in that survey. The keys for me and many others are:

  • RSS feeds
  • Better Search Results (please use the Google Search Appliance, no need to fool around with this)
  • User Comments Section on Knowledge Base articles
  • Tagging of articles

Go ahead and fill out that survey and let ESRI know what you want to see. We all are great at complaining about the site, but we need to be just as good with our comments and this is the perfect opportunity to be heard.

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