ESRI’s EDN Site’s “Purpose”

I was wondering just this week the purpose of ESRI’s EDN site now that they’ve got the Resource Centers online. The ArcObjects Development Blog has some of the thinking behind why EDN is just a placeholder now:

Feedback from the user community, as well as our own technology development goals indicate that developers need information about product installation, architecture, administration, and functional usage as much as any other user, and end-users more and more often are making use of information for product customization, components, scripting, programming, and other resources typically associated with application developers. As our technology continues to grow along with the maturity of information technology, the lines between “user” and “developer” continue to blur and overlap. It makes less and less sense to maintain two sites and have users decide which one to use.

I do like the Resource Centers very much, but the more I think about this move, the more it seems like the same old ESRI response; launch a website and then let it languish until it becomes useless. The support site is stuck in 1999, EDN seems like it was stuck in 2005 and now we’ve got the Resource Centers. I can only hope they don’t fall to the same fate as those before it.

ESRI, I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your methods frighten and confuse me!

Esri Caveman

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