Export to KML reaches version 2.0.1

Link – Export to KML 2.0

Export to KML is an extension developed for ArcGIS 9.x by the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning. The extension allows ArcGIS users to export GIS data in ‘keyhole markup language’ (KML) format for viewing in the free Google Earth data viewer. Any point, polyline, or polygon dataset, in any defined projection, can be exported. The dataset’s layer symbology (or a specified attribute) can be used to create categorical symbols in Google Earth. Features can be exported as either 2-dimensional features, or “extruded” upwards by an attribute (or, in the case of true 3D features, by z-value).

Great to see one of the better ArcGIS to KML extensions get an update. New in version 2.0 is the ability to incorporate ArcMap layer symbology into the output KML, ability to label line and polygon features and a new “description expression” option that lets you create complex KML descriptions for individual features, using feature attribute values, HTML tags, and hyperlinks.

Update – there was a small bug fix so if you already downloaded this, you might want to do so again.

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