FME Worldwide User Conference 2008 early bird registration ends January 24

Don’t forget, those who are planning to attend the FME Worldwide User Conference in March need to get their registration by January 24th. Alas I’m not going (believe me not by choice), but looking at the Agenda and Breakout sessions it will be quite the learning experience for any who go.

Jason Birch’s favorite transformer post on the FME user group sums up perfectly how powerful and helpful FME is to so many people. FME is flying under the radar for most folks I talk to and it shouldn’t be. It is such a critical piece of any geospatial work flow that ignoring FME (OK, to be fair ignoring Spatial ETL) puts you at great risk for future employment. I see myself using FME as my primary method of getting spatial data into SQL Server 2008 Katmai going forward.

Damn I wish I was going, now I’m all depressed….

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