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Here is a little rant on my part. (well an off topic rant)

I do quite a bit of traveling and I like to sync up my feeds (using FeedDemon) before I get on the airplane so I can read them at my leisure on the trip. Lately I’ve noticed quite a bit of blogs only offering excerpts of their feeds rather than the whole post. When online, I usually do visit people’s blogs so I show up in their logs and people can see who is visiting their site, but since broadband on the airplane hasn’t reached America West or Southwest (living in Arizona that is pretty much our only choice) these excerpts are useless to offline readers.

To ensure your site is readable by the most number of people, you should offer full feeds. If your blog software currently is set to offer only excerpts and want to change it, check out your online help or just email me (james.fee at and I’ll help you change it. I’m writing this on an airplane right now with about 7 posts I’d like to make, but they are all excerpts and I can’t read the full posts until I get to my hotel late tonight.

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