Geography Awareness Week

Google EarthNot sure if Hallmark has released any cards for the occasion, but this is Geography Awareness Week. I’ve seen in some of the blogs that Google has a great Geography Awareness Week page with some great sources to people to use. Google even has a nice KMZ that enables you to find Geography Awareness events in your area (is it just me or does that placemark look a little like the OSGeo logo?).


gisday2002.jpgESRI has their GIS Day page, but it seems to be stuck back in the 1990’s with not much spatial content out on the front page. I’m beginning to wonder if this is more of a marketing gimmick than an actual grassroots educational event; NO references to Google Maps, Google Earth or Virtual Earth 3D on that page. They’d rather you use ESRI branded products which I guess proves my point that this is all about marketing ESRI GIS, rather than GIS as a whole. shrug

That said, there are going to be tons of GIS Day “celebrations” (use Google News to find newspaper articles announcing events in your area as the GIS Day website doesn’t have a good events search page, more of that Web 1.0 stuff) around the world and I’m sure Google Earth will be front and center.

Google’s entry into the Geospatial arena is refreshing.

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