There is new FireFox extension that support GeoLocation. GeoLocateFox put a little icon (grey globe) in the lower right hand side of your firefox browser window. The globe activates when you visit a site that supports GeoLocation (such as this one) When you put your mouse over the icon you get a little map like the one below.

One interesting note about this extension is that is only supports Yahoo! Maps. Here is the explaination from the author.

Currently this extension only supports Yahoo! Maps. The intent is to support multiple mapping providers including Google, but to date only Yahoo! has a terms of use that allow for non-webapplication use. Google explicity prohibits such use right now. They were contacted by me in mid December about this extension, but to date have not replied with permission to include their service. While it may in theory be ok to do considering Firefox is a web browser, and we are not doing anything harmful, I don’t wish to get into any trouble, it’s their API, and I respect that.

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