GeoPackage Comment Period is Open

The comment period is open for the GeoPackage.

The candidate OGC GeoPackage (GPKG) Standard provides an open, non-proprietary, platform-independent container for distribution and direct use of all kinds of geospatial data. The GeoPackage container and related API will increase the cross-platform interoperability of geospatial applications and web services in the mobile world. Standard APIs for access and management of GeoPackage data will provide consistent query and update results across such applications and services.

What’s not to love? I described the need for the GeoPackage from the perspective of WeoGeo over on the WeoGeo Blog:

I have gotten a lot of feedback on my blog and twitter saying that an OGC format like GeoPackage is stupid, bloated, and destined for failure and that we should all continue what we are doing because the market will decide. To me that is just sticking your head in the sand. The market is searching for something besides SHP and GeoTIFF and is waiting for leadership. There is only one organization that can get this implemented across the world (well Google did a pretty good job with KML before that became an OGC format) and that’s the OGC. They are secretive, obfuscated, backwards and their website is a classic case of poor user interfaces. That said, I’m VERY hopeful for GeoPackage becoming a standard.

The GoePackage is going to happen, that’s not in doubt. But if you don’t take the time to comment on the GPKG (I even like typing that) you lose all right to complain about it later. You’ve been warned. I feel like this guy trying to wash a car today. Don’t let this opportunity out of your grasp.

Car Wash

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