Geowanking moving to O’Reilly

Brady has just posted the news on the Geowanking list. Full text after the jump.


Joshua has been quietly looking for a good home for Geowanking for a while. He approached O’Reilly and we have agreed to support the list.

I’d like to thank Joshua for starting the list and helping the community grow. He’s put in a lot of time and energy for us. Thanks!

O’Reilly is invested in the geospace. Where 2.0 is one of our strongest conferences and I consider the geowanking community to be the conference’s primary constituent. So when we were asked to take on the list it was an obvious yes to me. We want to support this community and help it grow.

**What does this mean? **

  • Later today or tomorrow we will be moving the list to O’Reilly servers.

** The domain will change.** Joshua is keeping?, but is giving us The new list address will be??

  • The archives and your subscriptions are intact, **but you may need to reset your user password and digest settings. **

  • The archives will still be public.

  • Please mail me for admin or other issues about the list. Laura Painter, an O’Reilly employee, has spent a lot of time on this (thanks!). She’ll be monitoring the list for technical hiccups.

What about the future? We’ve got a couple of ideas for how to support the community and I would love to hear your thoughts on them. I’ve been thinking that a planet installation on would be great.Any others?



Kudos to O’Reilly for stepping up and keep Geowanking running.

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