GeoWeb 2010 Conference on the Horizon

One of the highlights of the summer geo-conference schedule has always been the GeoWeb Conference up in Vancouver, BC. This year the theme is “Going Real Time” which I think is really hitting on what we are all dealing with these days. No longer can we wait for web services to be updated even hourly, the expectation is everything occurs “real time”. No longer can we wait for DVD updates of data be mailed quarterly. Our applications and users demand immediate access to data.

I find the speed of this shift simply amazing. It seems just a year or two ago we were celebrating DVDs, liberating us from multiple CD-ROMs. Check out the technical sessions and register now. The GeoWeb conference has been one of the best conferences to meet geo-folks from around the world who you normally don’t interact with. We are lucky enough to have such a conference here in North America so take advantage of it.

Real Time GeoWeb is like hitting a 45 yard free kick in Soccer

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