Get Interactive Data Visualization for the Web eBook for about $10

Update: If you don’t see the discount automatically, use discount code WKEARSE

So as long as you’ve had access to the Internet the past couple months you’ve heard of D3 and how people are using it for visualization in the browser. Well, if you’ve been watching from the outside wondering how to get started, you might have seen there is a book called, “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, An Introduction to Designing with D3”. It’s in early release right now but that’s going to be a huge win for you if you haven’t bough it yet because O’Reilly has all their early release books half off this week. That means the eBook can be yours for about $10.

D3 is changing how we are sharing geospatial information in the browser, you should get this book if just to understand how it is being used.


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