GIS on the Blackberry Playbook

Now I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m a total Apple fanboy (That said, I’m still rolling around with an old iPhone 3GS), but I love looking at other platforms. The webOS platform from HP is one that I’m very interested but Blackberry is one that is sort of a wildcard. Blackberry has taken its lumps from Apple and Android, but it seems to be holding its own in market share. The Blackberry Playbook has gotten some mixed reviews, but given that Blackberry is very enterprise, I have to expect them to sell quite a bit of the Playbooks. has posted a couple of examples of some BlackBerry Playbook geospatial applications. First off they’ve got an OpenScales demo application running on the Playbook. If you are a Flex/AIR application developer it is a good overview of how one can leverage these technologies on non-iOS tablets running Adobe technology.

The second demo is yet another AIR application, though this one running ArcGIS Mobile. Looks early one, but clearly has an extensible AIR application running on a tablet that integrates with either open source technology or proprietary GIS systems.

Could it be that Adobe Air and the Blackberry Playbook are about to score a basket?

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