Google has licensed ALL of DigitalGlobe’s imagery exclusively for online/web use

lock-and-key.jpgInteresting post just came over the Geowanking email list:


It appears that Google licensed ALL of DigitalGlobe’s imagery on an exclusive basis for online presentation. So if i wanted to do something on a website, with DigitalGlobe’s hi-res imagery, for example if the Google Maps framework isn’t flexible enough, i cannot legally go around Google to license the image myself! I can imagine why Google did this – to prevent Microsoft,Mapquest etc. from licensing the same imagery in their webmapping frameworks – but the net effect is that ordinary people, NGOs and small companies are also cut off.

This seems to skirt the edge of ‘do no evil’.”

Even more interesting is that DigitalGlobe has directed Ben to GeoEye for imagery but he’s stuck because of cloud coverage.

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