Google Maps – Real-Time Tracking via GPS

Link: Google Maps: Real-Time Tracking via GPS.

Jeff and I have created a real-time GPS tracker using Google Maps API. It’s currently reading NMEA output from GpsGate simulating a drive around downton Little Rock, AR. The python script can read a standard (NMEA) GPS output via serial port as well. We plan on doing a demo run in our car using a laptop, JunxionBox, and GPS sometime this week.

You have to admit it, these Google Maps hackers are quick. Just Friday I was saying how not being able to import GPS data made Gmaps Pedometer limited in its use as a tracking tool. Now all someone has to do is combine these tools, set up a community and figure out how to use Google Earth to track elevation change. Nah, probably better to just use the ESRI ArcWeb Services Sportsim.

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