Great Resource Blog on ArcIMS

If you use or program using ArcIMS, you’ll want to check out Jason’s posts over at the ROK ESRI Developers Blog. Jason’s post, In Defense of ArcIMS is particularly interesting as we (myself included) seem to harp on how difficult it is to work with or how we have to do some crazy programming to get some simple things to work. To be honest, as I move into Mapserver and other open source server projects, I’ve begun to get a better understanding of how intelligent ArcIMS is and how well it does run out of the box. Unlike many map server applications, ArcIMS can be deployed on almost every major server software package as well as different web servers. When we start getting AJAX implementations of ArcIMS, I’m sure most of the complaints will go away. I wonder if we’ll see anything at the ESRI User Conference this year.

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