Hangouts With James Fee Season 4 Will Be A Podcast

Today’s HWJF planning staff meeting was full of new ideas.  The biggest one was that HWJF becomes a podcast.  One of the biggest feedback requests has been to offer an audio only version of the hangouts for those who want to listen on their smartphones offline.  I’ve explored this many times and never really got a good plan in place.  But given that HWJF isn’t really visual in nature (looking at my grill for an hour has to be taxing), we’re going to convert HWJF into a podcast for season 4 arriving in October.  If there is a visual need to have video, we’ll have special hangouts on the YouTube.  What this means is it won’t be live anymore so you can’t point out how wrong I am until after the faux pas has passed.

What it will mean is the podcast should be more consumable and usable by everyone.  This is an experiment so we’ll see how it goes moving forward.  It will also allow more flexible scheduling of the podcast so we can have guests on who can’t attend during work hours.