I come to praise the Web ADF, not to bury it

I was just talking to someone today about web applications for ArcGIS Server 9.3 and they were surprised that I was using the Web ADF to create an application after my post earlier this week on the JavaScript API. I feel like I need to clarify some things about that post. It wasn’t so much a?desertion of the Web ADF, but point that one should be looking toward the JavaScript API (and I suppose the Flex API) for most mapping situation and use the Web ADF (Java and .NET) when it best makes sense. I’m using the Web ADF on this project because the requirements of the end user is best met with the Web ADF. The great thing about the JavaScript API, the Flex API, the .NET Web ADF, the Java Web ADF and even the JavaScript extenders for the JavaScript API is that they all can be called on if needed. Of course the Web ADF does have licensing issues that ESRI needs to address that limit its appeal even when it is the best choice for the solution.

ESRI has given their developers choices that we aren’t accustom to and in turn ESRI developers should be looking at the choices when making a decision of what SDK to use. Also just because you use the JavaScript API or the Flex API doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a great application. So much more goes into it and there isn’t any reason why the Java Web ADF can’t give you a great application anymore than the Flex API can.

Et tu, James?

Et tu, James?

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