I’m just not “with it” anymore

Reader Erin sent me a link to a comment on a recent post over at

…give “ya” what- that spatiallink_org was up and running long before? Thanks, but we don’t seek your validation. I and our users have been reading our aggregations since 2004, just run a WHOIS.

And nothing is plain and simple about your subjective, need I add arrogant, claim. For our users, we are the hub and on and on…

Also, ours is a team effort- I don’t go around plastering the internet with an egomaniacal zeal, selfishly promoting myself or my chosen vendor and attempting to make pennies from ad clicks in the process.

The facts speak for themselves: spatiallink_org links professionals from 14 states and 8 countries, partners with not-for-profit agencies, etc. If you and those you know aren’t faintly aware of that, you are not “with it” and/or you don’t know enough people and/or you don’t appreciate the poly-centric nature of our vast professional world.

Yikes back to you!

Honestly this is the first time I’ve ever heard of I must not be “with it”, “know enough people” and “don’t appreciate the poly… yada yada yada”…. Talk about arrogant and condescending. I wasn’t subscribed before and I sure won’t now.

Oh and I had no idea that a WHOIS lookup could determine what people were doing in the past with their domain names.

I guess I just need to keep reaching for the stars…

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