Jack’s answers to the 2007 UC Q&A

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I’m not going and probably most of you aren’t either so this might be your best bet as to getting an idea what might or might not be said Monday morning.

ESRI International User Conference 2007 Q&A

Some of note:

Q: What are ESRI’s plans for ArcGIS 9.3?
Doesn’t that sound like what 9.2 was supposed to be?

Q: When will ESRI support multiple layouts in an MXD?
I know this is a big deal for many of you, but I’ve learned to live with it)

**Q: What is ESRI working on beyond 9.3? **
Am I the only one that worries about more integration of everything into the geodatabase?

Q: Can you clarify the difference between ESRI’s viewer technologies ArcGIS Explorer, ArcExplorer, and ArcWeb Explorer? When should I use one over the other?
How about stop naming everything the same? I spend more time explaining to clients the difference between AGX and ArcExplorer than I do showing them its capabilities.

Q: Does ArcGIS 3D Analyst provide support for interchanging SketchUp models?
Now we are talking, import without the need of an additional extension (well beyond 3D Analyst) is huge. That said where is the export to SketchUp?

Q: What are your plans for improving documentation for ArcGIS Server, especially related to developer help?

1 request of mine. Keep the improvements coming.

Q: Please provide an overview of the ArcGIS Server licensing model.
The only thing more confusing that ArcGIS Explorer/ArcExplorer/ArcWeb Explorer is the ArcGIS Server licensing model. I guess they needed something to go with the ArcObjects model.

Q: What’s coming in ArcGIS Server 9.3?
Anyone who’s tried to implement AGS knows the security model is a mess. The Javascript API is interesting and better WMS/WFS support is great. Where is the improved KML support?

Q: What happened to ArcSDE?
Yea what did happen to ArcSDE?

Q: I have heard Microsoft is developing a spatial type in SQL Server. Will ESRI be supporting this?
I suspect SQL Server and ArcGIS will go together like bees and honey.

Q: What are ESRI’s plans for opening up access to the geodatabase?
Well there you go, more proof that they will go the API route on this.

Q: Will ArcGIS Server support PostgreSQL? Will it provide SQL access to features stored in a geodatabase?
While I think generally, most ESRI users will gravitate to SQL Server, PostgreSQL support is huge.

Q: What is the status of CAD Client?
The most unloved part of the ESRI stack. We need it and use it, but it lags so far behind. I can only hope they’ll at least support Autocad 2007 at 9.2, but I’m not hopeful.

**Q: When will ESRI be releasing Service Pack 3? **
So July 2007 it is….

Q: When will ESRI publish a list of known software defects?
OK, I’ll be the first to say it, “How long do you think that list will be?” 😉

Q: To what extent does ESRI support interoperability with KML and Google Earth? Is KML becoming an OGC standard like GML?
I was hoping to see more mention of KML. Seems like ESRI still isn’t going to jump with both two feet into supporting KML. Kinda looks like they are being dragged into it. Too bad for us.

**Q: Does ESRI have an interoperability strategy to work with or integrate its tools with Google Earth and Virtual Earth? **
Again I have to say it, you’d think by Summer 2007 ESRI with have a more focus strategy than “ESRI is also actively working with both Microsoft and Google to improve interoperability”. We should be seeing integration at 9.3. shrug

Q: How is ESRI participating in the Open Source environment?
Interesting answer to that question, I’ll give you that…

Q: What is the status of ESRI’s support for running ArcGIS on 64-bit operating systems?
There we go, the answer we all were looking for.

Q: Does ESRI have a plan to improve ArcGIS Desktop to utilize multiprocessors on a PC?
Again, great answer!

Q: Can you provide better access to ESRI customer records about my organization?
When will ESRI Customer Care be open to Business Partners? It seems like we’ve been waiting for a long time.

Q: What is ESRI doing in ArcGIS to make it easier for users to share geoprocessing models and best practices?
Community building is a wonderful idea.

Q: What is the GeoWeb? How will it be used?
ESRI’s definition of the GeoWeb.

Q: What are some of the results from your survey? What have you discovered?

Interesting to say the least. ESRI users want a little of everything.

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