Jeff Thurston continues his look at Spatial Information Software – Visualisation for Geographic Information Users

Link – Comparing Spatial Information Software 3

I’m glad Jeff took a look at Autodesk Map 3D. I’ve seen it in action and for those who need more of a CAD focus than ESRI can provide, it works really well. Actually it got me thinking of another Autodesk product that doesn’t get much play these days, Autodesk MapGuide. In the early days of web mapping, the web client interfaces were so horrible (I may tell you one day about our first MapObjects IMS application with all those nested tables), but Autodesk make a smart choice to release a browser plugin. These days the plugin is holding back Mapguide, but it was really a godsend to web mapping. I haven’t worked on a Mapguide site in many years, but our county assessor has their parcel maps online using it. Check it out if you want to see another “web mapping” application (if you don’t use Internet Explorer you’ll want to go to the download page and make sure you have the Java edition.

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