Keyur Shah Posts Another Gem

Link – Adding layers dynamically in the ArcGIS Java ADF

Keyur’s latest blog post is the perfect example for ESRI bloggers to follow. You don’t have to worry about posting tidbits of the lasted secret ArcExplorer features, just post like you would on the forums. I won’t hold it against Keyur that he’s into Java (it must be a life choice), but he did a great job of explaining how to dynamically add layers with the Java ADF in ArcGIS Server. If there were more great posts like this from ESRI employees we’d never really have to visit the forums.

Heck it doesn’t even need to be programming (though I wouldn’t complain if there was .NET code being released somewhere), you can post about ArcGIS Desktop also. I’ve never liked the layout of the Geoprocessing and Data Models sections because they are just so disorganized, but if there was a Geoprocessing Blog or a Data Model Blog, that would be so much easier for everyone. I think many at ESRI are worried that their blog posts will get them reprimanded, but if your post is good enough for the forums (which are open to the public), then it should be good enough for a blog post. Keyur doesn’t post much, but the quality is great and other ESRI employee’s who are blogging or want to blog should take a look because he’s nailing it.

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